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Why we want to help you get from hurting to healing
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Break Free from Your Hurts
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Discover a Healing Path
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Begin Something Better

Why Family Innovations?

We can provide a safe place for you, a place that gives life and helps you find your purpose. Everyone needs to be given life. We want you to realize that counseling is a place to be understood, where you can get healthy in the way you see yourself and others; where you can find freedom from your past and focus on your future.

We can’t promise that all of life’s problems or issues will go away. We can’t always give quick, easy solutions to life’s curveballs or instant relief for its problems.

But what we can promise: A safe place to help you establish boundaries…To find healing…To discover freedom…To set priorities and make a plan. We want to help you find yourself.

We want people to know that they can have better marriages, better relationships, a better view of themselves and the world around them. They can find balance, joy, and purpose.

Family Innovations was built in 2001 for one purpose, which remains at the center of who we are to this day: To provide an environment of healing and freedom for everyone who comes to us. Whether you are seeking guidance through a difficult season or freedom from past trauma; whether you need help in a relationship or to finally be at peace with yourself; whether your issues seem insurmountable or inconsequential. We are the beginning of something better.

Our Mission

Family Innovations is a leader in family and community counseling, specializing in systemic therapy, employing some of the most exceptional, creative, and effective approaches in counseling. As leaders in the industry in both thought and practice, we provide trusted, accessible pathways for individuals, families, and organizations to find healing and wholeness within our variety of venues and counseling expressions.

We listen, learn, and serve so that you can be understood and start on a new path.

We equip, empower, and unleash so that you can be, find and live something better than ever before.

Family Innovations will provide pathways for healing and wholeness within a safe, judgment-free atmosphere where clients will be heard and understood.

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