MN Telehealth Waiting Room

Name URL Room Code
Monique Adams lsmn-madams
John Anderson lsmn-janderson
Barnett Elizabeth lsmn-ebarnett
Lauren Bartz lsmn-lbartz
Timothy Batdorf lsmn-tbatdorf
Brittany Bennett lsmn-bbennett
Brittany Stark lsmn-bstark
Ali Bollman lsmn-abollman
Alicia Vang lsmn-avang
Alona Jones lsmn-ajones
Cynthia Barsness lsmn-cbarsness
Jacqueline Batres Bonila lsmn-jbatresbonila
Heather Bakke-Sweeney lsmn-hbakke-sweeney
Julie Boelke lsmn-jboelke
Juliana Olson lsmn-jolson
Eliana Grung lsmn-ebosacker
Julie Bosacker lsmn-jbosacker
Justin Duda lsmn-jduda
Sandra Bradburry lsmn-sbradburry
Nicole Brayden lsmn-nbrayden
Nicole Fraser lsmn-nfraser
Jennah Brooks lsmn-jbrooks
Steven Clark lsmn-sclark
Susan Pfau lsmn-mpfau
Tamara Clement lsmn-tclement
Kayla Clint lsmn-kclint
Cooper Jacqueline lsmn-jcooper
Jacqueline Misko lsmn-jmisko
Kara Engebretson lsmn-kengebretson
Joy Kubis lsmn-jkubis
Rahma Sheikh-Dahir lsmn-rsdahir
Mia Wintheiser lsmn-mwintheiser
Anthony Shabrack lsmn-ashabrack
Matt DeLaMatter lsmn-mdelamatter
Megan Johnson lsmn-mjohnson
Pearson Michelle lsmn-mpearson
Laura Doheny lsmn-ldoheny
Cindy Doms lsmn-cdoms
Taren Dooley lsmn-tdooley
Prah Esther lsmn-eprah
LaTonya Fakir lsmn-lfakir
Katherine Falk lsmn-kfalk
Dr. Carol Follingstad lsmn-cfollingstad
Curtis Folkestad lsmn-cfolkestad
Dwyer Samantha lsmn-sdwyer
Shanna Frenzen lsmn-sfrenzen
Warren Fritze lsmn-wfritze
Darian Gray lsmn-dgray
Jill Gray lsmn-jgray
Ryan Huffman lsmn-rhuffman
Jessica Hagen lsmn-jhagen
Jenna Hennen lsmn-jhennen
Hannah Hinds lsmn-hhinds
Michaela Hopes lsmn-mhopes
Julie Hormann lsmn-jhormann
Kamal Jama lsmn-kjama
Carly Houlihan lsmn-choulihan
Amber Jensen lsmn-ajensen
Anika Jackson lsmn-ajackson
Anika Stafford lsmn-astafford
Stacy Johnson lsmn-sjohnson
Kelli Jongekryg lsmn-kjongekryg
Kristin Eitland lswi-keitland
Crystal Jundt lsmn-cjundt
Paige Kahleck lsmn-pkahleck
Reichow Kasey lsmn-kreichow
Darby Kilkelly lsmn-dkilkelly
Heather Larson lsmn-hlarson
Sarah Lee lsmn-slee
Zinaisha Lee lsmn-zlee
Melinda Lowry lsmn-mlowry
Stephanie Burrow lsmn-sburrow
Telia Rattliff-Cross lsmn-trattliffcross
Lindsey Maurer lsmn-lmaurer
Sonia Mayren lsmn-smayern
Nathan McCormick lsmn-nmccormick
Valcia McGann lsmn-vmcgann
Amanda McManus lsmn-amcmanus
Barinee Ntor-ue lsmn-bntorue
Barry Alexander Sr lsmn-balexander
Brett Meyers lsmn-bmeyers
Corinne Melling lsmn-cmelling
Stefan Millea lsmn-smillea
Charlie Miller lsmn-cmiller
Lisa Moen lsmn-lmoen
Hannah Baker lsmn-hbaker
Naomi Montgomery lsmn-nmontgomery
Janna Morehead lsmn-jmorehead
Drew Nelson lsmn-dnelson
Christin Oien lsmn-coien
Kristen Olson lsmn-kolson
Christina Owens lsmn-cowens
Kassandra Peterson lsmn-kpeterson
Tiffany Pirkl lsmn-tpirkl
Tigist Kiflu lsmn-tkiflu
Ruben Prado lsmn-rprado
Maria Lauerman lsmn-mlauerman
Pratt Lyndelle lsmn-lpratt
Marin Foss lsmn-mfoss
Sysamone Rivera lsmn-srivera
Rachael Romnek lsmn-rromnek
Diana Smith lsmn-dsmith
David Runion lsmn-drunion
Christine Saulsbury lsmn-csaulsbury
Jeff Schewe lsmn-jschewe
Jenna Hennen lsmn-jhennen
Tonya Scherping lsmn-tscherping
Tori Kidd lsmn-tkidd
Tou lee lsmn-tlee
Joi Simpson lsmn-jsimpson
Jordan Westergren lsmn-jwestergren
Heidi Spetzman lsmn-hspetzman
Jack Anderson lsmn-jdanderson
Jack Burk lsmn-jburk
Dani Stokes lsmn-dstokes
Christine Tamez lsmn-ctamez
Dr. Nan Truitt lsmn-ntruitt
Laura Wagner lsmn-lwagner
Lindsey Schultz lsmn-lschultz
Phoebe Nyabando lsmn-pnyabando
Nicole Ward lsmn-nward
Emma Snyder lsmn-esnyder
Gretchen Zunkel lsmn-gzunkel
Griffie Stier lsmn-gstier
James Wiencke lsmn-jwiencke
Brianna Wilson lsmn-bwilson
William Wright lsmn-wwright
Sa Yang lsmn-syang
Lao Yang lsmn-lyang
Adams-Lee Yolonde lsmn-yadams
Danielle Wahrenbrock lsmn-dwahrenbrock
Aubrey Willhite lsmn-awillhite

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