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Intensive Treatment in Foster Care (ITFC)

Giving Children in Foster Care the Support and Help They Need
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What is
Intensive Treatment in Foster Care?

Intensive Treatment in Foster Care is a new State of Minnesota Department of Human Services certification for children placed in a foster home where the license holder lives in the home; it is also available for Kinship Care and Pre-adoptive placements. ITFC utilizes four treatment services, all from a trauma-informed perspective, to accurately assess and treat traumas, stabilize placements, and effectively support the child, the foster provider, and the biological parents when they are involved in the permanency plan. Children from birth to age 21 are eligible. Medical Assistance pays for ITFC services. Family Innovations currently provides Intensive Treatment in Foster Care within the nine county metro area.

What is the ITFCs benefit?

  • Help children get an intensive clinical mental health service while maintaining child’s foster care placement; this supports placement with relatives, education stability and timely permanency planning
  • Use current systems to increase access for children who need an intense level of mental health service
  • Create more flexible, coordinated service delivery among all of the child’s team members (parents, foster parents, and professionals)
  • Strengthen treatment and permanency planning with consultation, psychoeducation, and therapy services to support successful out-of-home placements
  • Supports post-permanency by provider transitioning after the permanency is achieved
  • Promote evidence-based practices and outcome measures to improve results for children in foster care

What’s involved with ITFC services?

  • Psycho-Therapy (Individual, Family, Multi-Family, Group)
  • Psycho-Education
  • Crisis Assistance
  • Clinical Care Consultation


All services start with a trauma-informed diagnostic assessment and are provided/supervised by a nationally certified trauma clinician trained in an evidence-based practice. ITFC is a clinical treatment and does not have a rehabilitative focus.

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