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Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) at Family Innovations

Bringing Parent and Child through Trauma Together
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What is
Child Parent Psychotherapy? 

Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) is a research supported, evidence-based intervention model for children aged 0-6 who have experienced traumatic events and/or are experiencing mental health, attachment, or behavioral problems. Therapy sessions include both the child and their parent or primary caregiver. A central goal is to support and strengthen the caregiver-child relationship as a vehicle for restoring and protecting the child’s mental health.

Who’s involved with Child-Parent Psychotherapy?

Targets of the intervention include addressing caregivers’ and children’s misconceptions of each other, patterns of behavior that are maladaptive, and interactions and behaviors that interfere with the child’s mental health. Interventions are tailored to the family’s cultural values.

Who is Child-Parent Psychotherapy for?

For children exposed to trauma, the caregiver and child pair are guided over the course of treatment to create a joint story of the traumatic event and to identify and address traumatic triggers that generate dysregulated behaviors and emotions.

What does Child-Parent Psychotherapy involve?

Therapy typically involves weekly hour-long in-office sessions.

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