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The Beginning of Something Better

Initial Call

Immediately upon reaching out to Family Innovations, a process begins that is designed to be the beginning of something better for you. We are going to begin collecting certain information, specific pieces of your story or your goals, to start you moving toward your first session...and then toward your goal of something better.

Intake-Getting You Moving

Our dedicated and caring intake staff will help you move toward your first counseling session by gathering your insurance information and a little bit of why you're looking for counseling.

This is where we are going to ask for a lot of information so that we can start making some important decisions about your journey. Be as thorough and as honest as you can through this process. It will help our staff connect you with the best counselor for you!

Session 1 - Getting to Know You

Many times, people come to counseling for that first session and have a lot of expectations. They wonder how much they'll be diving into the deep end of life and conversation. They have a desire for change in their lives and want to "get moving" toward something better.

We spend this first session getting to know you. We'll ask a lot of questions. We'll ask to hear your story. We'll set expectations for the journey we're about to take together. And we'll set a path and clear direction for next steps.

This is a non-judgmental space where you are safe to talk about what brought you to our offices.

You might feel frustrated after this session, as though we didn't get anywhere. But we did! One step at a time, we're moving you toward something better.

Sessions 2 & 3

This is where we talk a lot about goals that you have. We clarify those goals and we talk about what has gotten in the way of meeting them.

Most of these sessions are guided by you. Your therapist will explore different stories and memories that you share, but you're doing most of the talking. And your therapist is getting to know you on a different level.

Sessions 4 through...

Now we continue to set goals and talk about your progress. It's during these sessions that you'll get certain "homework" tasks from your counselor, who will be challenging you to develop some new habits and pay attention to certain thoughts.

Many people in this process begin to feel momentum picking up and find themselves with a greater understanding of purpose and self.

On average people can expect to attend least eight sessions of counseling, though exact lengths of time can't be determined until you are here meeting with a counselor.

It's a process, and everyone is different.

The Future

Exactly how long you should plan on going to counseling depends on a lot of factors. Progress in counseling is measured on different scales depending on your story, where you've come from, and what goals you have set. On one hand, you are complex and there is no limit to your possibilities. On the other hand, counseling may only be something you need for a season.

Whatever the case, know that Family Innovations is here to be the beginning of something better in your life.

Everyone needs a guide or a map on a journey.

Family Innovations is your guide through life’s challenges.


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Family Innovations exists to serve people just like you. People on a journey. People who want the future to be better than the past. People who want to believe that the best is yet to come.

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