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How to Know It’s Time for Counseling

Maybe you’ve heard the expression, “If you want to know what ‘wet’ is, don’t ask a fish.” The things that are most familiar to us often go unnoticed: Things like the radar in your relationships that is always finding a reason to be offended. The bad habit that you can’t shake. The words you hear from childhood that tell you you’re a moron or ugly or in the way.

How Marriage Saved My Life

If people knew what marriage was like, no one would get married. If they knew what it could be, no one would get divorced. But no one knows what it’s like until they’re in it. It’s like parenting. How many times have you gotten parenting advice from someone with either no children or with one perfect child? But once you’re in it…up to your neck in real life…that is when you know what it’s like.

3 Quick Wins in Marriage Conversation

Any of us who are honest will admit that we’ve been there before: That moment in marriage where you are convinced that this person you’ve decided to spend your life with will never understand you…and probably doesn’t want to.

Overcoming Combat-Ability Problems in Marriage

My ability to fight is impressive. It was never a skill that I meant to develop. But I did. In my more uninhibited days, when I let go of my restraints in an argument, I could be terribly condescending. I’d say what needed to be said and do what needed to be done to end the argument. To win. If I'm not careful, and if I ignore the lessons that life and maturity have given me, I can go back to that same venomous tactic pretty easily.

Surviving the Holiday Season

The holidays are here: that time of year that rushes by before our credit cards and calendars can catch their breath. For many of us, these days don’t bring the cheer and nostalgia that they used to bring…or that we wish they would. They just remind us of what’s not here: the marriage that fell apart; the kids we aren’t with; the family member that’s gone.

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