Psychological Testing Services

We offer psychological testing services from childhood to adulthood.
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Medication Management
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What is Psychological Testing

A clear diagnosis provides clinicians with clear treatment directions. Psychological screening and assessment is an in-depth look at what might be affecting one’s wellbeing.

Our skilled doctoral-level providers administer a wide range of psychological assessments. They can assist you and your treatment team better understand the underlying factors that stall one’s development and functioning. We also provide information about one’s strengths and potentials.

We use standardized assessment tools and ensure the quality of care for each individual.

We provide individualized recommendations, which may include additional medical or neuropsychological testing, specific treatment modalities, or accommodations at school.


Types of Psychological screening and assessments we offer:

  • Neurodevelopmental screening for children birth to three years.

  • Cognitive baseline for children and adults, as well as autism spectrum assessments

  • Concerns about Attention. Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

  • Mental Health diagnoses like Anxiety, Depression, Post-Traumatic Stress, and behavioral disorders.

  • Personality functioning


Psychological Testing Process:

  • Please note, this process may look different based on your individual needs

  •  Initial meeting to collect relevant background, which typically lasts an hour

  • Additional records may be requested from your school, physician, therapist, or other members of your treatment team

  • Depending on your insurance, it may take several weeks to approve the psychological assessment

  • The length of the psychological assessment session may depend on the questions that need to be answered. Your clinician will discuss with you the specifics of the time needed for testing

  • A meeting with a clinician is set several weeks later to go over the results of the evaluation and appropriate recommendations

Psychological Evaluations

Family Innovations is now offering
Psychological Evaluations

Medication Management

We offer medication management at multiple locations throughout
Minnesota and Western Wisconsin


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