Dr. Jonathan Hoistad

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Dr. Jonathan Hoistad

Maplewood , MN

Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Hoistad received a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Minnesota in 1970, an M.A. in Developmental Psychology in 1974 and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 1975 from the California School of Professional Psychology.  Dr. Hoistad is a licensed psychologist in both Minnesota and Wisconsin.  His clinical practice includes consultation in behavioral health, family practice medicine, pre-surgery psychological evaluations, court consultation, school consultation, social service consultation, as well as teaching and supervision of psychology interns.  Dr. Hoistad believes that working in partnership with his patients to provide care, compassion, and understanding creates the best outcomes for the services he provides.

Dr. Hoistad’s areas of specialty include:

  • Psychological Evaluations
    • ADHD
    • Learning Disabilities
    • Assessment of emotional and cognitive functioning
    • Personality assessment
    • Competency/guardianship evaluations
    • Autism spectrum disorders
    • Assessment of medication response
  • Pre-surgery health and behavior assessments
    • Cardiac
    • Bariatric
    • Spine implant
    • Dialysis and transplantation
    • Oncology support
  • Rehabilitation Planning – Wellness Development; Strategies for compensating for medical problems
    • Evaluation of mental states and emotional functioning after trauma, stroke, and critical care incidents
  • Consultation
    • Individual/group/staff psychological supervision
    • Clinic development and behavioral health supervision
    • Court, social service, and school consultation