Prepare/Enrich Relationship Counseling at Family Innovations

Prepare/Enrich is an online relationship assessment for couples to assess their unique and special relationship. It can help you and your significant other determine your strengths as well as areas for growth. As one of the most widely used premarital education assessments, Prepare/Enrich helps couples in feedback sessions based upon their results.

Who can Prepare/Enrich help?

The Prepare/Enrich customized survey is most widely used for premarital therapy services, but can also help with marriage counseling, and dating couples considering engagement. Whether you are considering marriage, or already married, this popular assessment can help you and your partner establish goals, develop a balanced relationship, and explore growth areas.

What are the benefits of Prepare/Enrich?

The Prepare/Enrich program has helped over 3 million couples enhance their communication, understand personality differences, identify stressors, and resolve conflicts. Many psychological studies have proven the effectiveness of this unique marriage counseling option to help you and your significant other grow and develop together.

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