Family Innovations-How We Started

Walking Up the Hill

On a short walk one fall afternoon in 2000 an idea started to take shape that would eventually become a reality… the idea to form a counseling company that would equip and empower people to maintain lasting change.

It is exciting to imagine and then witness a lifelong dream coming alive and becoming a reality. What began with that short walk up the hill by two then-graduate students, in 2001 became the company known as Family Innovations, Inc., its four founding partners and one employee bearing the vision of providing quality mental health services for the health and well-being of all they would encounter. Their endeavor was to create a company with an environment where growth would be encouraged, and clients and employees alike would be equipped and empowered. The basement den of one of the partners’ homes was the first office for the handful of Family Innovations’ first clients, the place where the journey became reality.

Today, that reality allows Family Innovations the opportunity to serve thousands of clients throughout the Twin Cities nine county metro area, Alexandria, Minnesota, western Wisconsin, and Saline, Michigan near Ann Arbor. The team has grown from the initial five to over 170 members, working in two divisions: Community Based and Out-patient Mental Health Services.  Our hope is that through providing excellent mental health services to our clients, as well as a life-giving and encouraging workplace culture for our counselors and staff, Family Innovations will continue to be a vibrant part of the communities we are allowed the privilege to serve.

While the company has grown, the commitment hasn’t changed. As a team we are committed to listen to, learn from, and serve both our staff and the clients in our care.