Narrative Therapy

Narrative therapy is a specific psychotherapy that uses narrative stories to help the patient realize their current situation, rather than focusing on themselves. Narrative therapists work with patients as they retell stories, helping them generate detailed descriptions of life events. Through externalization, patients can realize that sometimes problems are independent from their control, and based upon social, cultural, or political contents from our society. Through narrative therapy exercises, patients can work on learning from the past, and applying this new knowledge to the future.

Who can narrative therapy help?

Narrative therapy can treat a wide variety of people with many different types of situations. Families, individuals, and couples can all benefit from narrative therapy, and group sessions are sometimes encouraged.

What are some of the benefits of narrative therapy?

Narrative therapy interventions can help people realize details of their life that they are overlooking as issues. They can sift through their past to find specific triggers or maladaptive behaviors that may still affect them. It can help reveal a lot about someone, helping them see how the past affected them, and working towards changing negative aspects for the future.

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