Medication Management Services

We offer medication management services from childhood to adulthood.
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Medication Management
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What are Medication Management Services?

Our medication management services offer specialized care in assessment and prescription services for medication effective in treating many mental health concerns. These services are available for individuals seeking supports in addition to traditional talk therapy, where therapy alone does not seem to be helpful; for complex concerns and disorders, and for those seeking a second opinion or mental health specific medication assessment that a primary care clinic may not offer.

Our board certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners (PMHNP’s) provide medication evaluation for new patients, and ongoing medication management and support across the life span for those who have a therapist and are interested in medication options. They work with you and your treatment team to better understand the goals of treatment, effective medication options, and can provide ongoing follow up care.

Medication Evaluation & Management Services can be provided in-person, or virtually – this is somewhat dependent on your concerns, and what your insurance allows.


Who can benefit from the support of our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners?

  • Any individual where their therapist or primary care provider has recommended a medication evaluation for treatment of mental health concerns
  • Anyone with a concern about whether medication may help them with their concerns about their mental well being.
  • Those with concerns about ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, and more complex, longstanding or difficult to treat mood or personality disorders.
  • Children and youth ages 6 and up, or adults.
    • Caregivers are always involved in evaluation and recommendations for a child


Getting Connected:

  • If you currently receive mental health services from a Family Innovations therapist, talk with them about getting connected to one of our Nurse Practitioners

Please note that if you have a primary care provider, or other outside prescriber, having a copy of your most recent health/physical, and your current list of prescribed medications available will streamline your scheduling significantly.

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