In-Home Counseling

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The beginning of something better
in your home. 

Family Innovations Home-Based service moves outside the four walls of a counseling office to bring something better to you in your community and your home. We partner with community organizations, non-profits, and social programs to provide counseling services to people in various scenarios.

Who can receive Home-Based Counseling?

Individuals on Medical Assistance may qualify for home-based counseling services from Family Innovations.

We are certified through the Minnesota Department of Human Services as a Children’s Therapeutic Services and Supports (CTSS) provider, and as an Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARHMS) provider. Eligibility for home-based counseling requires active Medical Assistance coverage in the state of Minnesota and often comes from a referral by county social workers, case managers, schools, hospitals, clinics, and other community providers.  Parents can also self-refer if they would like home-based counseling services for their child and family, as can adults concerned about their own mental health.

Home-Based Counseling
for Children & Families

Home-Based Counseling
for Adults

If you would like to access Family Innovations counseling services in your home, call us at 651-925-0212 or email us at [email protected].

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