What to Expect from Home Based Counseling

What to expect from your home based counseling experience at Family Innovations:

In order for you to get more out of your experience we would like to let you know what to expect from home based counseling. Generally, home based counseling appointments are twice a week, with appointments lasting 1 ½ – 2 ½ hours each. Eligibility for home based counseling requires the individual, whether a child or adult, to have Medical Assistance, and to meet criteria for a mental health disorder.

Phases of Counseling:

Intake appointment

All home based counseling sessions occur in your home or at a location convenient to you or your child. At your first appointment a clinical supervisor will gather detailed background information that includes who you are, your family history, medical history and other pertinent information that may be impacting your mental health, or that of your child. You may also fill out some brief questionnaires to assist in the process of clarifying your primary concerns. In many cases, family members or significant others may attend this appointment to give additional perspectives and input. You will be given treatment options and make decisions about how to proceed. Your questions and feedback are always welcome and are a necessary part of our collaborative process.

Treatment Planning

By the end of the initial appointment you and the clinical supervisor will have completed an initial Treatment Plan. This plan will identify several initial treatment goals to begin working on. Your treatment plan will also include an estimated time frame for the completion of your goals. Most initial goals will address improvement in functional areas, such as improved communication, managing emotions, developing skills to improve independence, and relationship improvement.


Ongoing home based counseling will be provided by a home based counselor under the supervision of the clinical supervisor that you first met. The counselor will usually want to meet with the child and family for those home based services where the child is the focus of care, while for adults the individual is usually seen for their own mental health concerns, although family members are welcome. Sessions are typically held two times a week, for extended periods of time. Updated treatment plans are reviewed on a regular basis, and most services are coordinated with the social worker or case manager as well. Home based counseling typically lasts about six – nine months, although this varies based on the concerns the individual or family has.

Wrap up

The last two to three sessions of home based counseling will be focused on reviewing your progress, the goals that you have achieved, and making a plan to continue this progress after counseling ends. You may be referred to a support group, church or other community supports to help you with this process.

You are always welcome to come back to Family Innovations if the need arises and we would welcome the opportunity to serve you again.

Cancellation Policy

Family Innovations asks for a 24 hour notice of any cancellations or appointment changes, barring unavoidable events such as sickness, emergencies, or other unexpected circumstances. Because Family Innovations home-based counselors come to the client’s home, often in the afternoon or evening, we ask for advanced notice for any cancellations to avoid unnecessary travel for the counselor. After two late cancellations or no-shows, Family Innovations reserves the right to discontinue services with that client.

Talk with your home-based counselor about how to best communicate any scheduling concerns.

Thank you for choosing Family Innovations.