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Family Innovations, with the current concerns with COVID-19, is now 100% virtual therapy as of March 25th, 2020. Please note medication evaluations and monitoring continue to take place at the Maplewood clinic; however, this too could be directed through virtual therapy, find our list of other exceptions here.
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How to Start

Our thoughts on how to start counseling

Before you can sit down with one of our counselors to begin your path toward something better, there are a few necessary steps to take with our intake team. They will determine the right fit. They'll take your insurance information. They'll ask you some questions. You'll dig into some of your story, but you won't get too deep. It's just about getting familiar. This process will spill into your first session with your counselor as well.
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What to Expect

Trust the process.

Most clients average about eight sessions of counseling when they see real progress towards their goals. It gives you the time you need to tell your story and let your counselor get to know you. You may choose to continue regular appointments as maintaining your mental health and boundaries happens with care and maintenance plans. Your therapist will help you make a plan going forward.
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Find the type of counseling that you need.

Different counselors specialize in various types of therapy. At Family Innovations, we have experts in nearly every discipline. So whether you are looking for marriage or family counseling, individual or adult therapy, or are still trying to figure that out, you can take a look through our qualified staff and their specialties.
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Everyone needs a guide or a map on a journey.

Family Innovations is your guide through life’s challenges.


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Family Innovations exists to serve people just like you. People on a journey. People who want the future to be better than the past. People who want to believe that the best is yet to come.

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