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Relationships in couples, whether you are married or not, can be challenging, no matter how ideal you are for each other. Through daily interactions with your spouse or significant other, there are bound to be moments of conflict, aggravation, heartache and pain. Conflicts over money and finances, parenting beliefs, mistrust of a partner, or dealing with in-laws or extended family members, can all put stress on your relationship.

Marital therapy and relationship counseling for couples, married or not, focuses on improving communication, building conflict resolution skills, and re-establishing trust. Family Innovations licensed marriage therapists are trained to help couples work through the obstacles that can keep them from enjoying a healthy and mutually enjoyable relationship.

We offer marriage counseling and relationship counseling services at all locations in Minnesota and the Twin Cities region (Minneapolis and St. Paul, and Alexandria), as well as our locations in Wisconsin (Hudson and Balsam Lake) and Michigan (Saline).

Please refer to the list of relationship concerns that our professional therapy staff can help address.

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