Child and Teen Counseling at Family Innovations

Child and adolescent therapy can help pre-school, elementary, middle school and high school age youth address their own individual concerns, offering therapeutic support when children feel burdened by peer problems, family conflicts, the pressures of school, or are dealing with other concerns common to youth. Counseling services for infants and toddlers, that involve a parent or primary caregiver, are also available – the focus for this very young population is on improving the parent – child relationship. Whether for parent-child conflicts, concerns about depression or anxiety, relational problems, or a wide variety of other issues, child and adolescent therapy can help youth in better understanding their situation and in making changes to better cope and heal.

  • Child & Adolescent Therapy can involve just the youth, a parent or primary caregiver, or other family members as well.
  • Child Therapy can address a wide variety of concerns, from behavior problems, relational conflicts to mood issues like depression or anxiety.
  • Virtually all therapists at Family Innovations have experience with children and adolescents; the agency offers several research supported therapies, including TF-CBT and Evidence Based Practices.  Early Childhood Mental Health Services include PCIT and CPP.  Play therapy is also offered at several clinic locations.

We offer child and adolescent counseling services at all out patient clinic locations in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan with daytime and evening appointments available. Counseling services for children ages birth through three are available in Centerville, Stillwater, Hudson and Balsam Lake.

Please refer to the list of youth counseling concerns that Family Innovations therapists can help address.

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Family Therapy Concerns

Adolescent & Teen Issues
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity
Blended Family
Child Trauma
Defiance & Conduct Problems
Divorce Issues
Domestic Violence
Family Conflict
Grief and Loss

Specialty Services

Early Childhood Mental Health
Child Parent Psychotherapy
Play Therapy
Evidence Based Practices

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