Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS) at Family Innovations

Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services involves a variety of treatment options for adults ages 18 and older, which are paid through Medical Assistance.  Family Innovations currently provides Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services to qualified residents of Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Ramsey and Washington Counties.  These services are intended to help in the rehabilitation of adults who suffer from mental illness or traumatic brain injury. The services are specifically intended to:

  • Enable a recipient to develop and enhance psychiatric stability, social competencies, personal and emotional adjustment, and independent living;
  • Enable a recipient to retain stability and functioning;
  • Instruct, assist, and support a recipient in areas such as medication education and monitoring, as well as basic social and living skills.

Treatment plans and goals are specifically determined based on the client’s current mental health status.

Community based ARMHS services are tailored to the client in regard to the hours and days that services are delivered.

Three primary areas of support are available to recipients of ARMHS services:

1.  Basic Living and Social Skills are activities that restore a client’s skills necessary for managing their illness, treatment, and the requirements of everyday independent living. These activities may be provided to maintain a client’s functioning if the client is likely to significantly regress or is at significant risk to lose independent living. Restoring these skills helps prevent ARMHS clients from requiring inpatient or residential placement and increases their ability to live independently in the community. Basic Living and Social Skills instruct, assist, and support a client in areas such as:

Interpersonal Communication Skills
Household Management Skills
Budgeting and Shopping Skills
Cooking and Nutrition Skills
Employment-Related Skills
Relapse Prevention Skills
Mental Illness Symptom Management Skills
Community Resource Utilization and Integration Skills
Transportation Skills
Crisis Assistance
Medication Monitoring
Health Care Directives
Healthy Lifestyle Skills and Practices
Transition to Community Living

2.  Community Intervention’s goal is to reduce barriers to a client’s ability to live independently, or to minimize the risk of hospitalization or other more restrictive living arrangements.In order to facilitate change and allow the recipient to function more independently, Community Intervention may involve an agency, employer, and the client’s family (either with or without the presence of the client, a landlord, or other involved community participants).This service may be conducted either in person or by telephone.

3.  Medication Education Services are provided individually or in groups, and educate a client about mental illness and symptoms, the role and effects of medications in treating symptoms of mental illness, and the side effects of medications. Medication education is coordinated with medication management services – it does not duplicate it. These services are provided by physicians, pharmacists, or registered nurses.

To request home based counseling for an adult, complete this one page Home Based Referral Form and fax to the number provided.

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