Family Innovations statement on our Community’s tragedy

Our community, state, and nation are grieving over the senseless death of George Floyd.

We at Family Innovations grieve what has happened in our communities and the division it has caused. The death of Mr. Floyd is a tragedy that was avoidable. His death is yet another reminder that we must continue to listen and learn from one another in safe and inclusive environments.

Our Mission remains, and as a part of accomplishing our mission, we realize we need the expertise to help us grow as an organization in order to meet the diverse and changing needs of the communities we have an opportunity to serve. We are thus reaching out to outside experts to help us in ongoing efforts to increase cultural responsiveness throughout our organization.


The mission of Family Innovations is to provide excellence in mental health care and to operate with values of integrity, honesty, and dedication based on the Christian principles upon which the company was founded. Staff work to care for their clients, as well as each other in a manner that portrays these values.

At Family Innovations, we believe that each person has unique value and intrinsic worth; therefore our staff exhibits genuine concern and compassion for our clients. Known for the excellence of practice and service, Family Innovations is dedicated to helping clients achieve healing and wholeness in their lives. We strive to restore hope and wellness by providing high-quality counseling to individuals, children, families, and couples; and to listen to, learn from and serve our clients, our staff, and our community partners.


Our Commitment: 

  • To meet the mental health needs of those clients we have the opportunity to serve.
  • To be culturally sensitive, providing mental health care that takes into account a client’s belief system, expression of faith or creed, socio-economic status, upbringing, race, ethnicity, gender, and orientation.
  • To develop well thought out mental health goals that address the expressed desires of our clientele and meet the standards set forth in our profession.
  • To work closely with the medical community and other community partners in order to provide the best outcome for our clients.