Counseling for Your Organization

The beginning of something better
for your workplace. 

Family Innovations moves outside the four walls of a counseling office to bring something better to you in your community and in your workplace. We partner with businesses, churches, non-profits, and social programs to provide counseling services to people in various scenarios.


In Your School

We have worked with various school districts and individual schools to bring our counseling methodologies into the classrooms. This doesn’t mean that we provide individual counseling to every student in the building. Instead, we are strategically partnering with school leadership to address issues within the school. We work both with faculty and staff as well as directly with students to promote emotional and physical health and improve the well-being of the school.

Watch here to see the work we’ve done.

In Your Business

From executive coaching to leadership development; from team dynamics to individual care:
Family Innovations has partnered with companies to provide quality care and coaching to difficult or changing work environments. Our dedicated, expert staff are prepared to work with groups from 5 to 500.

In Your Church

Sometimes the need can be overwhelming. Pastors often come to us not knowing how to respond to the demands on them for support and counseling. Whether they don’t have the time or they don’t have the ability, churches are facing a critical challenge with their people. How do we connect people with the help that they need?

We partner with churches to provide the training, resources, and counseling venue to meet the needs of their people.

If you would like to learn more about Family Innovations counseling services for your organization, contact Ed Frickson.