Community-Based Therapy

Community-Based Counseling
at Family Innovations

Those on Medicaid and Medical Assistance have the opportunity to bring Family Innovations counselors and therapists into their homes for child, family, and individual adult therapy.

Family Innovations provides home-based mental health services through Medical Assistance, for children, adolescents, adults, and families across the Twin Cities as well as the community of Alexandria, Minnesota.

We are a certified service provider through the Minnesota Department of Human Services as a Children’s Therapeutic Services and Supports (CTSS) provider, and as an Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARHMS) provider.

Many referrals for home-based counseling in our community-based program come from county social workers, case managers, schools, hospitals and clinics, and other community providers.  Parents can also self-refer if they would like home-based counseling services for their child and family, as can adults concerned about their own mental health.

Submit a Referral for Community-Based Counseling

Home-Based Counseling
for Children & Families

Children ages birth through 18 (and at times to age 21) who are enrolled in Medicaid or Medical Assistance are eligible for home-based counseling services.
Typically concerns are identified by another care provider (such as a school, county social worker, hospital or clinic, or day care provider) and are recommended to us. Parents may also request home based services directly.

Referral for Home-Based Counseling (for Youth)
Children’s Therapeutic Services and Supports (CTSS)

Home-Based Counseling
for Adults

Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services are intended to help in the rehabilitation of people over 18 years old who suffer from mental illness or traumatic brain injury. The services help patients develop and enhance stability and core competencies (such as personal and emotional health) as well as give them the the tools of medication training and monitoring, and primary social and living skills.

Referral for Home-Based Counseling (for Adults)
Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARHMS)

Intensive Treatment in Foster Care
for Children & Youth

ITFC (Intensive Treatment in Foster Care) is a flexible service package that can be provided to a child in foster care, all members of the child’s family, foster family, and members of the permanency plan.  It is able to be utilized in a traditional or treatment foster home, relative or kinship foster home, or a home licensed by a county, tribe, or child care placing agency.  When clinically appropriate, ITFC works to include the child’s parents or pre-adoptive family to assist in concurrent and permanency planning.  

If you would like to access Family Innovations counseling services in your home, contact our Community-Based Intake Department at 651-748-5019.

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